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Without Yeezy Proxies You Can’t Cop the “Special Release” Yeezys

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Yeezy proxies for special release

Believe it or not, there was a time long ago when Yeezys sold out in seconds. A time when Yeezys did not sit on shelves. We like to refer to these times as the golden days of Yeezys. This March, Yeezy fans will receive a release that will take them back to that time. Sleep will be lost. And Yeezy proxies will be needed. In fact, you’ve never needed them more.

Yeezy Special Release

Who thought Yeezys would be so tricky to cop again? Weren’t they so coppable, and accessible like a couple of weeks ago? Well, things have changed. And the Special Release is right around the corner. and unless you’re settling for the pair dropping in your region, you will probably need Yeezy proxies to get a different colorway. It seems this will be the case with most of you sneakerheads.

Either you’re not satisfied with the colorway dropping in your region, or you want to collect them all. And based on the comments made on Yeezy Mafia’s tweet, it appears that no one likes the pair they’re getting. Looks like global trade influx will reach its peak on March 16, 2019.

Sneaker Proxies

If you own a sneaker bot, you know very well that you can’t run a single task without having proxies. Proxies keep your IP address safe. They keep you from getting banned from a site and protect your identity and personal information. Visit this page if you want to read more about sneaker proxies.

How many proxies are enough?

If you’re a sneakerhead, you know the rule, and we’ve said so many times: One for one. Use one proxy per every task you’re running. Or one proxy for every shoe you’re copping. You can interpret it the way you want, but you should never be short on proxies.


There are many reasons to use proxies when you do anything online, especially if you’re purchasing expensive items. Some of these reasons include protecting your identity and preserving anonymity.

Another reason you’d need a proxy is to bypass restrictions, like how sneaker sites only allow you to have one account. What if you fail to cop? If you try to cop again with the same account or make another account without a sneaker proxy, the site will ban you.  

One of the most important reasons is to achieve a more optimal location which will allow for shorter ping latency. Meaning: you’ll cop faster than your competitors. With a proxy (and server), you don’t have the excuse that you have a laggy internet connection or that you live too far from cop sites.

Types of proxies

There are different types of proxies that you can use to cop limited items. They differ in terms of speed, location, reliability, and price. So depends on what you’re looking to cop and how much you’re willing to pay, you’ll find yourself opting for Datacenter rather than Residential proxies. Moreover, your choice of proxies may be influenced by the site you’re copping from. For example, copping from Shopify sites works better if you use datacenter proxies.

Risks of Using Proxies

The main risk of using proxies is the same as not using one at all; getting banned. While you could get banned for trying to cop so many times from the same IP address,

Be sure to have those Yeezy proxies on hand on March 16th for the Special Release if you want to cop the pair you’re eyeing!

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