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Top 10 Kicks You Could Have Copped Using Sneaker Proxies

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Six months into 2018, and we’ve already seen so many wonderful kicks go by before our eyes. With half the year already over, let’s look back at all the kicks you could have copped with the help of sneaker proxies.

You could end this article with a smile on your face for knowing you own at least one of these shoes on the list. Or your day could just get worse. You’ll only know when you finish.


#1 Air Jordan 4 x Levis Denim

First on the list is the Air Jordan IV x Levis blue denim sneaker which released in January. And great news, according to Highsnobiety and PinoE77 a black pair will be releasing on June 16th.

Levi’s.. June 16 $220

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#2 Air Jordan 1 Bred Toe

The Air Jordan 1 Bred Toe is a perfect combination of two fan favorites, the Black Toe and the Bred. This combo is a must have for sneakerheads.


#3 Off-White Nike Air Jordan 1 (White)

This all-white Off-White Nike AJ1 was an exclusive Europe release. If you weren’t in the EU or didn’t use proxies, you’ll have to fork up around a good 2 grand for this shoe because it’s only available on the secondary market.


#4 PW Holi NMD

Lately, NMDs have been gaining attention on the level of Yeezy. To celebrate the Holi Festival of Color, Pharrell Williams dropped a pack of 4 NMDs that we all know and love today.


#5 Yeezy 500 Blush

This brand is no stranger to the limelight. And as always, when something drops from the Yeezy line people hate on it until the right amount of hype builds up and everyone’s looking to cop. Luckily, these Yeezy 500s are cheaper on the secondary market than previous Yeezy releases.


#6 Nike Air Max 1/97 Sean Wotherspoon

Since winning Nike’s Vote Forward competition, Sean Wotherspoon has become a celebrity of sorts, with everyone wanting to get their hands on a pair of his artistic, friendly, shoes.


#7 Off-White Nike Air Vapormax

A Vapormax is a cool shoe to have in your collection, but an Off-White Air Vapormax is a must have.


#8 PW China NMD

This China exclusive release of 4 NMDs is worth a fortune today, especially the gold friends and family sneaker.


#9 Off-White Nike Converse Chuck Taylors

Hype around this shoe grew when it never released back in 2017. Hypebeasts have been waiting for their chance to cop it since the first time they realized it never dropped when “The Ten” collection dropped.


#10 Off-White Air Jordan 1 UNC

The latest of the bunch, the UNC Dark Powder Blue Air Jordan 1 releases in different locations on different days (still not confirmed). Here’s when sneaker proxies would be great if you could get the right CC info and a forward shipping address.


Hype Beast Sneaker Proxies

One can’t deny that releases this year have been on the fancy side. If you missed out, we’re sorry bro. And if you copped, good on you. Here’s a chance to try again and even better for the rest of 2018. Summer and fall releases look lit so far. Especially since the Zebras and Semi Frozen Yellows (Yebras) are allegedly coming back in October. It’s the perfect time to bring out your best sneaker bots, like Nikes and Yeezy bots. And when you’ve got optimized dedicated sneaker proxies and servers added to the mix you’re practically unstoppable. But that’s not all, you give some credit to the leakers because there’s always some truth in them. Finally, good luck copping fam!

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