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Supreme drop: When should I be using a Supreme Proxy?

Proxies by Alina

Every week during Supreme season is another chance to buy Supreme things. Whether you’re copping manually or using a tool like a Supreme bot or an extension, there will come a Supreme drop where you’ll need to resort to proxies.

Find out if you need to buy proxies on the next Supreme drop by reading the questions below.

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I got banned; How can I cop on the next Supreme drop?

You can do two things. (1) Wait to be unbanned. (2) Use a proxy.

You won’t get banned forever, but there’s no telling how long.

Using proxies for Supreme, however, will guarantee that you get back in the site immediately. You’ll have to be careful about what you do while using the proxy so that you don’t get banned again. Bot-like activity will definitely get you banned!

Do I need a Supreme proxy when copping Supreme items?

Copping once or twice (different items): If you want to cop one or two different items, it’s possible not to use a proxy! But make sure those items are not the same. For instance, you can try to cop a tee and a sweater. But don’t cop two of the same tees because the website will think you’re a bot and ban you (this is why you would use a Supreme proxy). In other words, don’t cop multiples of the SAME item if you’re not using proxies.

Copping multiples (same items): But like all of us, you can’t get on to the Supreme site and just cop one thing! Plus, you want to higher your chances at getting that tee you’re eyeing. This means you need to use a proxy for as many times you want to try and check out the item. The bottom line, when copping multiples of the same item, make sure to use 1 proxy per task.

How can I make money from Supreme?

You can make money from Supreme by reselling Supreme items. If you want to sell Supreme as a business, you’ll need to invest in the right tools to ensure successful copping, such as a Supreme bot or extension. When that part is covered, you need to make sure you use the tool correctly by setting up proxies to cop more items and to avoid getting banned.

You must also keep in mind that the item you cop will have an impact on how much profit you make. Simple, cheap items like t-shirts and hats can make a lot of profit. Similarly, a collaboration with a very hype brand can make a lot of profit. Be sure to review different items and compare their retail and resale prices to learn what to cop in the future. Eventually, you will get the hang of it and cop confidently. It just takes practice.

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