21Sep 2018



Cop the Next Supreme Drop with Proxies for Supreme FW18

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proxies for supreme to cop

James Jebbia, the founder of Supreme, once said that they would never purposely manufacture products in limited quantities to be labeled as “limited”, but they just don’t want to get stuck with the stock of unsold items. Consequently, Supreme is setting its drops to get sold out. If you’re a fan of the brand, then you know this all too well. You’re familiar with the Supreme copping process, the ghost carting, cart-jacking, you’ve heard of Supreme bots along with proxies for Supreme.

Proxies for Supreme

Due to high competition on Supreme releases, Supreme bots and add to cart services have become almost a vital resource to copping your favorite box logos and Supreme accessories. Along with the bots, however, come the proxies. Whether you have a bot or not, using proxies for Supreme is your only legit way of going in an out of the website without getting banned.

Proxies make you look more “human” and less suspicious when making requests on the site. Your purchases will look like different people copping from various addresses, rather than the same person using a bot. It’s that easy to trick the website into thinking you don’t have a bot.

Furthermore, if you’re not in the US, but you have relatives in the US you can still cop on the US site. But you need to be using proxies for Supreme, otherwise, you may get banned for suspicious IP address location. Because it seems suspicious to cop from Japan to the US site for example. Therefore you need to select proxies in the region of the site’s server.

Supreme Fall/Winter 2018

Just in time for the holidays, this season comes jam-packed with exciting releases! The Supreme FW18 collection is overcoat and jacket heaven. In addition, various collaborations will be taking place. Random Supreme accessories are also interesting to see dropping. But it’s always those box logo t-shirts that acquire the highest level of competition when copping. That’s because you can wear them in any season. If you want to avoid paying resell on t-shirts, be sure not to forget using proxies for Supreme the next time you want to cop.

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