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Off White Nike Air Presto Polar Opposites Pack 2018

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off white nike prestos

Virgil Abloh, founder of Off White, has his share of fame cut out for him this year. Similar to the last, this year’s Off White Nike collaboration will release the Nike Air Presto with the Abloh touch. However, the drop will contain not just one shoe, but two. The two will drop in a pack called Polar Opposites.

Polar Opposites

The Polar Opposites pack will include two Off-White Nike Air Prestos. The first, a black pair, will drop on July 27th. The second pair, a white one, trails behind and drops a week after on August 3rd. The black and white pairs both have a retail price of $160. Both are available now on StockX for an average of no less than $900, and for even more at Stadium Goods.

However, that resale price may plummet as the drop date draws nearer. Based on sneaker leakers, @py_rates, this release will be a biggest Off White Nike release to date. According to them, 250-300 pairs will be releasing at the same retailers that had the Off-White Vapormaxes.

Off White Nike

The Off White Nike collaboration between Virgil Abloh and the leading sneaker brand, Nike, is a hit! It has been dubbed the best collaboration of 2017, pushing Kanye’s Adidas Yeezys from the spotlight. In 2018, more Off White Nike sneakers are set to drop. Last year, the colors included red, white, black. This year’s sneakers will be more colorful according to images of mockups surfing the internet. And unlike last year, 2018’s Off-White Nike drops may include infant sizing.

You’ve got yourself a heavy and expensive holiday season with the bulk of Off White Nike releases scheduled for Q4. In addition, most of this year’s hyped releases, like Yeezys, are set for the holiday season.

It all boils down to what you can and cannot afford! The smart thing to do is buy them at retail and save yourself from awfully high resale prices. Sneaker proxies make it easier for sneaker sites to favor you if you want to cop online from, whether manually or with a sneaker bot.

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