14Dec 2018



How to Cop from Nike SNKRS App with Proxies

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In the past, it was a lot easier to cop sneakers. But with the rise of sneaker bots, sneaker stores have found new ways to make it technologically harder for hackers and botters to take the stock. They run raffles, hold in-store releases, and in Nike’s case, they have the SNKRS app. The SNKRS app aims to level the playing field for all sneakerheads. However, even the best of us still can’t seem to cop from the app. If only there was a better way to cop from Nike. Cue the SNKRS proxies!


Manually Cop from SNKRS App

The first thing you need to increase your chances at copping from Nike SNKRS app is make sure you have multiple devices are your reach. You can do this with as many devices as you have, but for the purpose of this article, let’s say you have three devices. Grab your phone, your desktop, and your tablet.

Considering you have three devices, step two is to use three different proxies for each device. Heads up: the proxies need to  be from the same region as your address or else it looks fishy! For example, let’s say your address is in Texas, but you use UK proxies. That’s messed up! So use some address in the same region as your proxies. Example of addresses you can use (granted it’s in your region):

  • Your house
  • Your grandma’s house
  • If you have divorced parents, use their separate addresses
  • Your cousin (the one that wouldn’t steal your package)
  • Your other relative who you can tell in advance about your order
  • The office address of one or both of your parents
  • Your best friend’s place
  • Your girlfriend/boyfriend’s place
  • If you have a nice neighbor, use their address and let them know

Next, sign in to three different accounts; one on each device. Make sure to use three different methods of payment and, of course, three varying addresses. 

Now proceed to use the SNKRS app like a regular, and wish for the best! You can use this method for as many devices as you can, as long as you have enough varying payment methods and addresses so you don’t get caught.

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