17Oct 2018



Supreme x The North Face Collab Again in the Next Supreme Drop

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Supreme x The North Face leather parka four colors

Who doesn’t agree that the term ‘Thursday’ should be changed to ‘Premeday’? This Premeday expect some heat to drop alongside the outdoors brand, The North Face. The long-time collaborators, Supreme and The North Face, are bringing yet another exclusive collection to the scene. For the next Supreme FW18 drop this Thursday we will receive the Supreme x The North Face leather bags, parkas, and hats.


Supreme (1994 – Present)

The skate culture brand, Supreme, was founded by James Jebbia. Jebbia is an American businessman who was born and raised in England. He moved back to the United States and was part of the making of Stussy in New York. Soon after he created his own brand, Supreme, with intent to cater for skaters. And 20 years later, Supreme is one of the most sought-after exclusive brands today that even luxury brands like LV wanted to collaborate with it.

The reason why Supreme is so popular is that its items are just so limited. James Jebbia says that he never intended to create the illusion of limited stock to be exclusive, he just didn’t want to be stuck with unsold items. However, the model of affordable, limited, high-quality goods, is working so well for Supreme that it just became a way of business for them.

This way is so special because it makes buyers feel lucky to own something with a Supreme tag. It’s especially favored by resellers since they can eat up the stock and manipulate the resale prices.


Supreme x The North Face

For the past 10 years or so, Supreme and The North Face have worked closely to bring high-quality goods via Supreme drops. The Supreme tag in addition to The North Face’s logo not only pumps up the price tag but also makes it harder to cop.

In the next Supreme drop, Supreme x The North Face will drop an entire premium lambskin leather collection. The collection includes the Supreme x The North Face shoulder bag, waist bag, a mountain parka, and a leather 6-panel hat. Each item will drop in four different colorways.

If the lambskin leather Mountain Parka alone costs over $1000 USD, just imagine the resale price on that one! You plan on copping? Make sure to grab your dedicated Supreme proxies. Don’t miss out!

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