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Here’s Why You Keep Catching Ls on Sneaker Releases

sneaker releases stop the ls

It’s frustrating when you think you used all your options yet still fail to cop on sneaker releases. You pity your sad self, having paid so much for a sneaker bot, proxies, and a server, only to see that cash go right to the ground.

You’d wish copping sneakers was as easy as walking into your local store, picking your size, and taking your prized possession home to put on the top shelf. But it’s not. At least not anymore.

Only a few stores around the world hold in-store releases, which you’ll have to camp out for. And if you do cop, you risk getting stalked by people who seek to steal your new kicks which you waited so long to get.

With technological developments and the internet, sneaker retailers have found new ways to cater to an even larger target audience. And it’s easier, faster, and safer!

But then how come you can’t seem to cop? Here are different reasons why you keep catching Ls on every sneaker release.


It could be your Sneaker Bot.

If you have a sneaker bot and you still haven’t copped, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it reliable?
  • Is it updated for sneaker releases?
  • Which sites does it support?
  • Does it have a website?
  • How long has it been in the market?
  • What do people say about it?
  • Are they active on Twitter?
  • How many followers do they have?
  • Does it actually have a high success rate?
  • Is it rated high in Cop.Supply?
  • Have I used my proxies correctly?
  • Have I made sure the proxies work?
  • Can my PC handle the bot’s power or do I need a server?
  • Have I followed the instructions correctly?
  • Am I using the bot properly?

We get it, using a sneaker bot could be overwhelming. Especially if you don’t have any technological background knowledge. But that’s why you should opt for updated sneaker bots with user-friendly interfaces like Nike Shoe Bot or AIO Bot Plus. You can even go for a less menacing sneaker extension tool like AIOX.


It could be your Server.

Or rather, the lack of using a sneaker server. Most of us can’t afford to have state of the art supercomputers at the comfort of our homes. That’s why you’re highly advised to rent or buy a sneaker server through which you can run your sneaker bot. Servers will increase the performance and speed of your sneaker bot so that you can avoid crashes, lag, and Ls at sneaker releases. Get them here.


It could be your Proxies.

One of the main reasons that could be easily overlooked is the type of proxies you’re using. Because you can easily get free proxies, a lot of people undermine the value of having your own dedicated optimized sneaker proxies.

Dedicated proxies are selected in locations that are close to major sneaker site servers. They can increase the speed of your connection with sneaker sites so that your account can beat the competition. They also help you avoid getting banned by sneaker sites which are always on the lookout for bot users during sneaker releases. Here are five important reasons you need to have proxies.

You can get premium dedicated proxies here.


Could it be you?

If you’re sure you have the right bot, proxies, and the server, then could the problem lie in you?

  • Did you follow the instructions?
  • Or did you use different addresses without typos?
  • Were you using valid credit card information?
  • Do you get notifications for sneaker releases?
  • Did you forget to set an alarm?

The point is: you need to be meticulous about every detail.

If all fails, then maybe you should just skip the bot activity and opt for a checkout service like Kixout or others you can find on Cop.Supply. If you’re so unlucky that even that doesn’t work for you, then it’s just not meant to be. Find yourself a decent reseller with cheaper prices and get your kicks from there. Peace out!

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