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What You Need to Win Every Adidas Yeezy Release

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With rumors of new Yeezy Supply warehouses to open, there’s no doubt that the Adidas Yeezy brand is expanding at rapid speed. Yeezys and the man behind the designs, Kanye West, are enthusiastically discussed in the fashion, music, and sneaker industry. However, Yeezys actually go way back, way before Adidas Yeezy began.

Actually, the first Yeezy shoe to drop was the Yeezy x Bape Bapesta “College Dropout” back in 2007. Ever since Kanye has been involved in very hyped collaborations making him the man of this generation of sneakerheads. His work continued to grow both in popularity and scale until he landed with Adidas, with which he’ll be dropping the Yeezy 350 V2 Butter on June 30th, 2018.


Timeless Tips and Tricks

Here is a set of timeless tips that are good to know for every release. They will work for the Yeezy 350 V2 Butter release, as well as any other drop. So listen up!

Step one is to wake up early! You cannot, by any means, oversleep on such a big day. Be awake, focused, and completely ready by the time the sneakers drop. You also need to have your devices charged, and any unused device disconnected from the internet to avoid lag.

Second, if you wanna cop multiple pairs, you need multiple credit cards, as well as different shipping information. Any orders with the same information will be at the risk of getting canceled. And there isn’t a more disappointing feeling than this.

Third, don’t forget the fact that you need to know your shoe size. You must cop the right size if you’re getting yourself a personal pair, or if you’re ordering for a friend. If that doesn’t matter, go for any random size and sell it. And if you’re copping Yeezys from overseas, well that’s a whole different story that needs a special set of instructions, proxies, and servers.


What Tools Will You Need on Saturday?

You need a bot! That’s the only constant in the sneaker game. Don’t get us wrong, copping manually is always an option, but in terms of speed and success rate, a bot always wins. The non-dying demand for Yeezys makes it more difficult to cop any pair manually. So, the only alternative you have is to automate the whole process by using a Yeezy bot.

When we say bot, we mean your regular standalone software, or a web browser extension. While some sneakerheads still prefer the original sneaker bots, some are now using extensions. This is because sneaker bot extensions usually tend to be more easy to use, and more affordable at times.

Along with a bot, you also need to have proxies. Copping more than one pair of Yeezys is not allowed by most sneaker sites. so you’ll end up getting yourself banned for bottish activity. Here are 3 tips you can follow not to get banned


Which Adidas Yeezys Are You Copping?

This really boils down to which ones you like most, which are the most limited, and which silhouettes are the most desired. When it comes to Yeezys, it seems that the sleek 350 and 350 V2 lines are the most appealing to fans as opposed to the more bulky shoes like the 500s. So, any iteration, update, and colorway of this line will instantly sell out!

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