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The Second Drop of Adidas Dragon Ball Z Is On Its Way!

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adidas dragon ball z part 2

The Adidas Dragon Ball Z collaboration kicked off in September. The hyped collection plans to continue rolling out its exclusive sneakers in October. Now that we’ve seen Goku and Frieza battle it out, it’s time for Son Gohan and Cell to go head to head. Unlike the Yung-1 and ZX500, Cell’s massive bulky Prophere and sleek netted up Son Gohan’s Deerupt are two relatively new models.


Adidas Dragon Ball Z “Son Gohan” Deerupt

adidas dragon ball z deerupt gohan

A new Adidas silhouette, the Adidas Deerupt will represent the character of Son Gohan. Covered in a web, net-like mesh, the upper will be entirely purple, like Gohan’s outfit. The upper with matching purple laces rests atop a black midsole atop a gum rubber outer sole.  Detailing on the shoe itself include dark purple and bright yellow hits that nod to Gohan’s Super Saiyan bright blonde hair and the electric glow he gets when he’s in that form.

Style code: D97052

Price: TBC


Adidas Dragon Ball Z “Cell” Prophere

adidas dragon ball z cell

If there were a sneaker award for most accurate details, the prize would go to Cell’s Prophere. The scale-like upper takes direct inspiration from Cell’s fit. You’ll find a combination of green and purple all along the sneaker. Even the while midsole is rugged with bumps and has a reptile-like feel.

Style code: D97053

Price: TBC



Additional Details

With Dragon Ball Z movies screening in various theaters thanks to Fathom Events, the hype for these Adidas Dragon Ball Z sneakers is on a rise and filled with nostalgia.

Adding to the hype on these sneakers, they all drop in premium packaging. Like previous releases, the insoles come with the Adidas Dragon Ball Z theme.

And with the Prophere going for $120 and the Deerupt only $100, the resale can spike up a good amount over their original retail prices. Typically, reselling collectible shoes is a trademark reseller move. The Adidas x Dragon Ball Z sneakers are no exception.

Finally, these two particular sneakers will drop on October 27, 2018, based on leaked information.

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